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volcano-gods: Haji Nursasih, 35, carrying just harvested sacred red rice while heading home through the ricefields in the Wetu Telu village of Sembalun Bumbung village located on the eastern slopes of Mount Rinjani on the Indonesian island of Lombok. The Wetu Telu people believe Dewi Anjani, the spirit of Mount Rinjani, came down from the crater which is located next to the village and gave this sacred spear to the first people ever who arrived in this village who where named Raden Haryamangujaya and Raden Haryapati. The men pierced the spear into the arid ground and while saying their mantras a fully grown ricefield appeared. This these ricefields produced only red colored rice. This red rice has never to this day been sold and is only used to feed the Wetu Telu people living in Sembalun Bumbung.