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What’s The Kit


Let’s start with the basics — It’s not the amount of kit you have, it’s what you do with what you have.

Being an extremist in many aspects of life, fortunately I never became enthralled with the notion of needing a slew of gear. This helped in many ways, one key aspect being less weight to carry — there’s nothing worse than toting a brick on your shoulder all day.

Secondly, it means not spending a downpayment on a house towards gear you might rarely use.

Key thing is find the kit that works for you, make it as minimal as you can.

Then use it.


Here’s an overview of my kit (with links to specs and easy to digest details at B&H Photo, Amazon or vendor), that weighs less than a cinderblock and can be whisked through airports with ease:



Camera Body


Never go anywhere without two Canon 5D Mark II
bodies. Small, build well and producing some of the
best stills and video available from a DSLR.



The small Canon S95 is always in my pocket. Use it
often for spur-of-the-moment photographs while
traveling. Works in RAW, large file size and decent in
low light, it’s a compendium camera and is
assignment-ready if needed. 



Used the Holga (five different bodies) for the book,
Island of the Spirits. Still use it whenever getting the urge.
An amazing rangefinder, not a toy.



Yes, the iPhone 4 is now part of my kit. It
has very a good lens, decent file size and when combined
with an app like the Hipstamtic, brings a whole
new approach to visual communication.







The workhorse, Canon’s 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens





Super sharp, Canon’s EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens





Amazingly fast wide angle, Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM lens





The low light master, Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM lens





Stunning lens, Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens





Audio Recorders


Stunning sound quality for such a small piece of kit. I carry it everywhere for all general field recordings.

Roland R-09HR



When knowing a story will have extremely rich sound or music, I bring along this high-end recorder for rich detail and broad sound spectrum.

Fostex FR-2





When recording video, I prefer a full spectrum stereo microphone over shotgun mics. This mic comes suspended with sound dampers on a hotshoe mount. Quickly remove it, connect to an audio recorder like the Roland R-09HR and you have perfect two-in-one microphone kit.

Rødes Stereo Video Mic



Unfortunately Audio technica discontinued this brilliant balanced stereo microphone but you can find it used online used. It’s built like a tank and extremely high quality.

Audio-Technica AT825



If you want to posh up your voiceovers in studio, get this rich mono mic and a desktop stand. Very reasonably priced for such a piece of kit.

Audio-Technica AT2035


If you want the best lavaliere wireless microphone, get these Sennheiser and be done with it.

Sennheiser Evolution G3 100 Series



If you really want to experience astonishing sound while recording video or audio, get a pair of binaural stereo microphones. These mics by Soundman in Germany fit into each ear, rendering full dimensional sound. Also means you can keep your hands free to photographs. Have used them for years and needing to order another pair due to heavy use.

Soundmand Binaural Micrphones



The Bag


Photographers are always looking for three perfect things…the perfect shoes, the perfect jacket and the perfect bag. When it comes to roller camera bags, ThinkTank made it. I’ve been using one for 4 years, beating it through more airports and countries then memory recalls. It’s still rolling perfectly. By far the best bags made today are ThinkTank.

ThinkTank Airport Security V2


This shoulder bag is the topping to The Bag kit, connecting perfectly to the Airport Security, making it nearly effortless to carry all your gear on airplanes and through airports. I pack my computer, hard drives, extra camera, reading books, toothbrush, great hiding space for passport and a slew of other huge pockets.

ThinkTank Urban Disguise 50 V2.0



Have tried Domke’s (lovely bags but they wear out too fast), Lowepro (never liked them) and tried a slew of others. Nothing can compare to ThinkTank bags. I use a version of the Multimedia. It’s staggering what this small bag can hold.

Multimedia Wired Up 10